Versusdrummer HD In Flames Drum Cover

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Gear used:

TAMA Starclassic Performer (Birch) 10×9, 12×10, 16×16, 22×16, with remo Emperor Coated on toms, Powerstroke 3 on bass drum.
Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature Snare 14×8 Snare (maple) with Remo Emperor X Coated.

10\” HHX Legacy splash
14\” HHX Legacy Hi hat
16\” HHX-plosion Crash
20\” HHX evolution O-zone Crash
22\” HH Power Bell Ride
19\” AA Holy China

Tama Speed Cobra twin pedal

Special thanks to Łukasz Klat for video recording and to Adi Owsianik – State of Sound Studio for audio recording.
Recorded on August 2014.

Autor Drum Cover’a:versusdrummer

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